Yacht Boarding Made Simple. . .and Pain-free.

March 16, 2011 · Posted in Links 

Tracy Internation Boarding Stairs

Sometimes, it takes a little pain to motivate design. Such was the case with Tracey International’s Boarding Stairs. Yacht captains and crew have long suffered pinching type injuries to their hands while wrestling unweildy boarding staris into their brackets. There hade to be a better way, didn’t there? The engineers at Tracy international, makers of some of the finest helm chairs ever built, thought so. So the developed a true “no pinch” design that easily allows a single crew member to put boarding staris, up to nine steps, into service with no pain.
In addition, the company’s patented “Quick-release Mounting Bracket System” makes these the easiest boarding stairs to handle in the industry.
Tracy International’s Boarding Stairs are constructed with anodized aluminum and stainless steel to withstand the marine environment and provide years of dependable service. 4 SS casters facilitate smooth contact with dock while the boat is free to move with the current and tide. The unique stowable design folds for easy storage. Mounting is quick and easy to two permanently mounted, self-locking, stainless steel catch pads that are provided with each unit. Optional second handrail is available for additional boarding security. Strength, durability and good looks make these stairs an added attraction to any captain’s boat.
For more information, contact Tracy International at 1 800 275 2436 or visit http://www.tracy-intl.com


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