Hosts Largest Boat Seat Sales In Their History

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This is the largest Boat Seat sale that Boat Depot has had in over five years. Save up to $300 a pair on some of the most popular offerings of Wise, Tempress, Todd & Tracy International.
There are seats here for every budget – every boat. Hurry – sale runs through March 6th!

Largest Striped Bass Ever Caught On Video!

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Anderson Fishing Guide of landed the largest striped bass ever caught on video off of Eastern Long Island Sound. Just look at the size of this monster! It must have been grueling to get this fish in the boat but than the fisherman let this guy go to let someone else have a shot at it. What a great start to the season.

Tsunami-Swept Yacht Rescue

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Takayuki Nozawa – when this man’s boat was swept out to sea by the Japanese tsunami in 2011 he decided to make the rescue mission personal. Mr. Nozawa hired a helicopter to take him to where his boat had been swept by the tsunami and fearlessly plunged into the ocean while the helicopter hovered above his vessel. I can’t even imagine the adrenaline that must have been pumping through his veins as he looked down below at the ocean being disturbed by the blades from the helicopter. Nor can I imagine the overwhelming joy he felt as he climbed aboard his 57′ Betram named “Golden Bay”.

The water that Takayuki jumped into from 50 feet above was a chilling temperature of about 45 degrees Fahrenheit. “The cold so bad I think I die,” he said with a grin, “so I swim fast.” This man’s courage and dedication to bringing home his “home away from home” is something to truly be marveled at – tens of thousands of people lost their boats because they were claimed by the tsunami – this man refused to let his boat suffer the same fate.

To read the rest of the story Click Here.

Nautical Outfitters – Celebrating Ten Years online

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Here is a great old time website that has served professional captains for well over a decade, Nautical Outfitters. Stacey Hudspeth, who has been the backbone of the company from the start, tells us that they have recently added many new items, including marine electronics and navigational tools. “In the past,” explains industry veteran hudspeth, “Nautical outfitters focused on high tech yacht boarding stairs, dock steps and luxury helm seats. Those items remain at the core of our website, however boaters of all stripes will find more items than ever on our pages. As always – we guarantee that we will beat any price on boat seating.”
Visit Nautical Outfitters today at

The Very Best in Marine Supplies, Helm Seats, Helm Chairs, Boat Seats, Boat Chairs, Boat Accessories and Boating Supplies

Proudly serving the commercial, governmental, and recreation marine & boat markets with quality marine supplies and boat accessories. Nautical Outfitters proudly offers helm seats, helm chairs, boat seats, boat boarding stairs, boat davits, boat leaning posts, marine live wells, bait tanks and more.

When It’s Time To Get Serious About Storing Fish

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Bonar Insulated 9 cu ft Container

Tank Depot is the ultimate source for serious fish storage and transportation. Offering the guaranteed lowest prices on insulated ice and dry ice boxes from Seaplast, Promens and Polar.
“There is just no other way to go,” explains Tank Depot’s Mike Stony, “if you are serious about preserving market quality fish. We sell these boxes to commercial fishing operations from coast to coast, of course. But more and more sporties are using them in order to preserve the quality of their catches. There is just no comparing these commercial-grade boxes with Igloo ice chests or even high end coolers, for that matter.”
Polyurethane foam insulation that helps keep product cold up to five days when properly iced. Corners designed with increased strength and molded-in handle areas make these boxes exceptionally durable. Many models are fork liftable.
Tank Depot boast the largest selection and guarantees anglers the lowest prices and best freight rate.
Contact Tank Depot at 866-926-5603 or visit

Promens 9 cu ft Commercial Grade Insulated Container

Trolley Fishing?

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This is something completely new to me. I must confess that I had never even heard of this type of angling

Some of my early memories are of fishing with my dad and brother on Montrose Pier. In those days it was a common practice to fish from the pier with a “trolley”.  That practice is far less common these days. The last time I was there was in the 70′s and even then I saw only a few trolley anglers. A trolley was quite a complicated setup. You needed a spider anchor, about 100 yards of anchor line, a 2-3 ounce trolley, a 6 foot long sturdy wood pole, a 6-8 foot long piece of fish line with a snelled hook every foot or so attached to 100 yards of fish line, and a “bell’. read more

Hammerhead “Hammers” A Small Boat

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Hammerhead Smashes Boat

This video, posted on YouTube shows a large hammerhead shark chasing after a hooked lemon shark. Watch very carefully at the .24 second mark and you’ll see the hapless lemon shark!

Grady White Flagship Offers Improved Enclosure

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Greater weather protection that extends the boating season is now available for one of the most popular cabin models made by Grady-White Boats, the Express 330. An all-new integrated hardtop enclosure option makes this possible. Now boaters in the Northeast, Northwest and all around the country can enjoy an extended cool weather season of boating activities thanks to this hardtop safety glass enclosure and a temperature control system that helps warm the enclosed helm area. In hot weather and in southern climates, the Express 330 hardtop enclosure provides increased protection from direct sun as well as a cooler ride, thanks to the well-designed windshield and overhead ventilation and an optional 12,000 BTU air conditioning system designed for the helm area.

Read more. . .

Don’t Be This Guy!

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Frightening video from the FB page

Have a look here

111-pound, 2.6-ounce Wahoo Misses State Mark By Ounces!

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Angler Steve Atwood recalls the events,

“It weighed between 124 and 130 pounds because the boat was rocking back and forth with the waves,” Atwood. “We then chose to fish the rest of the day even though the guys on the charter boat said it was a potential state record.”

Because the crew continued to fish, the wahoo was weighed on a certified scale 24 hours later. That meant the wahoo likely lost 10 percent of its body weight during that time frame.

“On our way in, we were calling cell phones) to find out what the state record wahoo was,” Atwood said. “It was late Saturday when we got in so we had to wait until Sunday morning to get him officially weighed.”

The fish weighed 111-pound, 2.6-ounces.

The current Mississippi record is 111-pounds, 3.2-ounces. Read the whole story here

Near Wahoo record

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