Yacht Boarding Made Simple. . .and Pain-free.

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Tracy Internation Boarding Stairs

Sometimes, it takes a little pain to motivate design. Such was the case with Tracey International’s Boarding Stairs. Yacht captains and crew have long suffered pinching type injuries to their hands while wrestling unweildy boarding staris into their brackets. There hade to be a better way, didn’t there? The engineers at Tracy international, makers of some of the finest helm chairs ever built, thought so. So the developed a true “no pinch” design that easily allows a single crew member to put boarding staris, up to nine steps, into service with no pain.
In addition, the company’s patented “Quick-release Mounting Bracket System” makes these the easiest boarding stairs to handle in the industry.
Tracy International’s Boarding Stairs are constructed with anodized aluminum and stainless steel to withstand the marine environment and provide years of dependable service. 4 SS casters facilitate smooth contact with dock while the boat is free to move with the current and tide. The unique stowable design folds for easy storage. Mounting is quick and easy to two permanently mounted, self-locking, stainless steel catch pads that are provided with each unit. Optional second handrail is available for additional boarding security. Strength, durability and good looks make these stairs an added attraction to any captain’s boat.
For more information, contact Tracy International at 1 800 275 2436 or visit http://www.tracy-intl.com

IGFA Captains Program in 10th Year

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The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) Captains Program is in its 10th year. We currently have 300 captains in 39 countries and territories plus 31 U.S. states. The program continues to grow with new captains signing up every week.

In order to qualify as an IGFA captain/guide, applicants must pass a written test, provide references, and pay a $150 annual membership fee.

Some of the first captains/guides accepted by IGFA under their new program include Red Bailey of St. Thomas; Al Anderson, Rhode Island; Juan “Tito” Martinez and Mike Benitez, Puerto Rico; Laurie Wright, Australia; Bouncer Smith, Miami Beach; Roddy Hays, United Kingdom; Ron Hamlin, Guatemala; Gene VanderHoek, Kevin Nakamaru and Rob McGuckin, Hawaii.

Benefits available to IGFA captains/guides include:

  • Official designation as “IGFA Captain”.
  • Official IGFA Captain I.D. Card.
  • Listing in IGFA World Record Game Fishes book by area and phone number.
  • Listing on IGFA web site.
  • Listing on “GO Fish” touch screen directory in IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum.
  • Listing on IGFA Mobile – the official IGFA App for iPhones and iPads.
  • IGFA Captain decals for boat and vehicle.
  • IGFA Captain embroidered patch.
  • IGFA Captain fishing hat.
  • Referrals from IGFA when inquiries are received pertaining to the captain’s area.
  • Authorization to use IGFA Captain Logo on ads, business cards, and brochures.
  • Discounts on ads in Special Travel Section of IGFA World Record Game Fishes book (50% discount first year, 20% discount after that)
  • Five (5) free IGFA annual memberships (value $200) to give to your best clients.
  • Quarterly Captain updates from IGFA headquarters.
  • Special e-mail news on items of interest to captains who have email. (For fishery management and conservation issues)
  • 15% discount on IGFA catalog items and gift shop.
  • 10% discount on scale certification and line testing

    If you’re interested, learn more about the program here

Gigantic Sale @ Boat Depot up to 65% Off

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BoatDepot.com, the fastest growing marine dealer in the world, is currently offering up to 65% savings on over 75 different items from top manufaturers such as Tracy International, Todd, Kodiak ProFlow Bait Tanks, Aquaworld Livewells, Pompanette and more.

Visit www.BoatDepot.com to cash in on these spring savings.

Transform an Old Center Console

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The vast majority of center console boats produced these days feature leaning posts rather than old fashioned pedestal seats at the helm. Leaning posts are simply more comfortable and versatile.
Now owners of older CCs with pedestal seats that are past their prime can swap them out for a leaning post without any of the hassles formerly associated with this type of upgrade. Todd has developed a Universal Leaning Post™ which is, essentially, a pedestal seat replacement system. The brilliant part of this system is that is allows boat owners to utilize existing pedestal for installation Todd tell us that installation should take no longer that 10 minutes.



Here’s a link to video showing how simple it is to swap old worn out pedestal seats for a new leaning post-

Fun With “Fishing” Movies

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Candus Thomson, one of our favorite writers anywhere, if always an entertaining read. Here she muses regarding films with a fishing theme.
What is your pick? Do you have a favorite?

Have a look at some of her nominees -

Incredible Graphics from Casta Designs

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This is undoubtedly the most consistently outstanding work we have seen.

Casta Design’s style of corporate professional graphic artwork stands apart from the non-competition, which is why they are the nation’s preferred provider of professional eye-catching designs and graphic advertising solutions.

From Casta Designs website: Don’t let your logo be unseen! We research your niche market and convert your input and ideas into effective graphic advertising. Since its founding, Casta Design Graphics and Apparel has been developing successful advertising strategies in the areas of corporate identity, corporate design, quality silk screen printing, brochure design, and print production. It is our mission to consistently develop innovative brands and help you execute them with cost-effective media campaigns.

If you are running a charter business, commercial fishing boat, marina, outfitting service, etc. you need to contact the pros at Casta Designs today.

Visit www.CastaDesign.com or call (619) 884-4764

Bargain Reel

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John Merwyn, blogging over at Field & Stream has some nice insights on what appears to be a bargain reel, the U.S. Reel Supercaster which sells for $60.00. John compares it favorably with reels in the $250 range! Read John’s post

Marine Safety Links

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http://www.mustang survival.com
lifejackets and survival suits
safety resources
news on regulations & safety resources
visual distress signals
EPIRBS/Rescue Beacons
marine fire extinguishers & fire suppression systems